The raw material

How is non-woven fabric made for the agricultural and many other filtration industries? To produce this dense and functional weave of fibres, high quality and well selected raw materials are needed. Polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, polylactate, polyurethane, polyamide and other similar or very different elements are all needed to create a perfect texture every time. Clearly, however, using quality raw materials is not enough.

The production of this interesting and versatile product requires expert hands, specific skills, state-of-the-art machinery and specially designed processes. Thanks to the diversification of the various production phases and the conscious use of the various raw materials, we can produce different types of non-woven fabric (e.g. spunbond, spunlace, needle-punched and carded) and thus offer a wide range of products with additional functions to the user.

In practice, combined with each other in the right way or with fibres from other sources, the raw materials we have selected enable us to produce non-woven fabrics that are diversified according to their subsequent use. The work of Nowotec is supported by valuable partnerships with certified and internationally recognised suppliers. Our employees always provide us with materials that ensure high performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. Our customers confirm this with a high level of satisfaction.

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