The shelter tube for viticulture, silviculture and landscaping

Nowotec is an official distributor for various European countries, and is the only Italian distributor of Tubex brand products.

The Welsh company has over thirty years’ experience in the field of protective structures for young plants, and is globally acclaimed for its skilful balance of technology and sustainable development.


Why choose Tubex protective structures?

The shelters facilitate many aspects of growers’ and landscapers’ work in managing their sites.

They offer definite benefits in terms of end yield and production volumes.

Taking root

They optimise the potential for plants to take root, thanks to the favourable microclimate that forms within the shelter.


They provide reliable protection against damage caused by animals, weed-killers, mechanical maintenance processes and particular external conditions.

Ability to adapt

They adapt easily to most cultivated arboreal species (particularly vines), and the relevant environmental contexts.