The present lives on courageous decisions

Nowotec was founded in 1960 in Milan

It all starts with the German company J.H. Benecke GmbH, now called Benecke-Kaliko, a leader in the field of automotive components. In the early days, therefore, non-woven fabric was not part of the company’s production.

Over the years...

Things have changed over the years, as have the outlook and ideals of the owners of Nowotec. From 1960 to 1970 there were several changes of ownership that transformed the company into a much larger and different reality than in the past. In 1970 Nowotec became one of the first companies to market non-woven fabric, both in the Italian market and in the southern European area.

The transfer to Reggio Emilia...

In 1993, Nowotec moved to Reggio Emilia and from here began a further turning point: in addition to a special type of non-woven fabric, used for the protection of vegetable crops, the company specialised in supplies for the filtration industry, becoming more complete and able to meet the various requirements for the many applications that non-woven fabric finds in our daily lives today.

The past has taught us to look ahead

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