The present lives on courageous decisions

Nowotec was founded in Milan in 1960…

Nowotec was founded in Milan in 1960.
It all began with the German company J.H. Benecke Gmbh, now Benecke-Kaliko, a leading player in the automotive components industry. Thus, at first, non-woven fabric was not part of the company’s production.

Over the years...

Things changed, as did the vision and ideals of the owners of Nowotec. From 1960 to 1970 there were various changes of ownership, which transformed the company into a much larger and different entity than before. In 1970, Nowotec became one of the first companies to sell non-woven fabric in the Italian and the Southern European markets.

The transfer to Reggio Emilia...

In 1993, Nowotec moved to Reggio Emilia. This was a further turning point: in addition to anti-fouling non-woven fabric, from that time the company began to specialise in products for agriculture and filtration industries. In short, this was the time when our entity started becoming more complete and capable of meeting the needs of many different fields.
The past has taught us to look ahead

As of now, we are satisfied with our production of non-woven fabric and products for agriculture and the filtration industry. They bring great practicality, efficiency and quality to the daily work of our customers. We still strive for constant improvement and keep track of current and future technology in order to continue offering our clientele unique and valuable solutions.


Our factory specialises in the production of non-woven fabric and our tools are designed to meet the requirements of various fields of application. We begin with high-quality raw materials and attain the end product through careful manufacturing processes and the use of high-performance, cutting-edge machinery. We have developed three cutting lines and calibrated packaging to aptly meet our customers’ requirements. We are satisfied, but we never stop thinking about the future. Our aim is for further improvement and progress in terms of quality, innovation and satisfaction.