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Nowotec is an entity born in the 1960s. Over the years, we have specialised in manufacturing non-woven fabric for agricultural use and numerous other industries.

We started when this product was barely used and now we manufacture different types of non-woven fabric, meeting the demands of various industries and constantly widening the field of application of our products.

Over the years, we have observed the evolution of the industry and the advancements in technology, we have conducted research and invested in the development of our business.

This has brought us substantial growth and an expansion of our production, to offer complete tool sets for agriculture and filtration industries.

Thanks to targeted investments and certified suppliers, we have also strengthened our know-how and can always guarantee our customers flawless quality, providing expert solutions to specific needs and consistently meeting delivery times.

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Our products tailored for different fields of application

Non-woven fabric is a highly-versatile product.

This is due to careful selection and the subsequent combination of raw materials, which allows us to create products with a diversity of characteristics suitable for different fields of applications.

This particular type of fabric is anti-fouling for agriculture, used in combination with fabrics for the protection and mulching of plants, vegetables and fruit. It is quite distinct from the type of fabric developed for industrial filtration (hydraulic, automotive and medical industries).

We examine each stage of the process, from composition to manufacturing, and carefully monitor every step in order to produce different textures for the various intended uses.

Our consolidated experience, cutting-edge machinery and trustworthy suppliers allow us to promptly meet the various needs of companies in the surrounding area, always offering high-quality, strong, durable, efficient and functional products.

Over the years, our production has expanded greatly, enabling us to cater to the iron and steel and metalworking industries as well as to small-scale manufacturing.  Non-woven fabric has proven to offer a level of versatility common to very few products.

It’s a question of fibres: the raw material

Non-woven fabric is a product of extraordinary versatility, whose structure is composed of a web of fibres obtained from thermoplastics: the raw materials can vary and are processed and combined in different ways, depending on the intended use.

The manufacture of this intriguing and versatile product requires capable hands, specific skills, cutting-edge machinery and carefully-designed processing.

Thanks to constant collaboration with internationally renowned suppliers, Nowotec can use materials that ensure high performance in terms of efficiency and reliability, in order to promptly meet all the needs of its clientele.

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Rolls of non-woven fabric packed

Never the wrong size: three cutting lines

In addition to manufacturing non-woven fabric for different fields of application, we also see to the cutting of the product, in order to provide customers with a highly customized, functional and ready-to-use solution.

Using special materials and tools, together with the very latest cutting technologies, we manufacture every type of non-woven fabric with precision, ensuring flawless, high-quality results.

The best machinery in the industry helps us optimize the processes and achieve remarkable production volumes without ever neglecting quality.

Nowotec has invested time and money to be able to offer three cutting lines, which, over time, have become an integral part of our production processes.

We are now able to operate efficiently with materials of different grammages, without ever compromising their fibre density and texture.

We can obtain rolls of the required length and meet various requirements without any problem. This enables us to further simplify the daily work of all our customers.

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To each their own: calibrated packaging

Nowotec has it all covered.

Our production is diversified and we manufacture various types of non-woven fabric. We use our cutting lines to guarantee our customers precision and rapid use, and we also provide calibrated packaging.

What does this entail? Very simple: not all non-woven fabrics can be packaged in the same way, nor can the same cutting methods be used for them all.

For these reasons, there are various packaging possibilities that change depending on the intended use, the fragility of the material and even the transportation and storage conditions.

Therefore, we study every detail and take into account the needs of our clientele.

We then offer a calibrated and professional packaging service, scaled to meet the specific requirements of the end user.

This does not affect delivery times, but allows the Nowotec team to improve the quality offered and become a trustworthy partner for numerous entities.

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Rolls of non-woven fabric
targeted consultancy


Nowotec’s activities are not limited to the manufacture of non-woven fabric for agriculture and filtration industries.

We also use our experience and expertise to offer added value to our customers through targeted and customized consultancy.

This enables us to offer full support at a technical and commercial level.

For us, this is also an aspect of quality.

technology and innovation


In the past, we learned to observe carefully.

We observe the market and, above all, we observe the progress of technology.

We use the best innovations in our daily production and collaborate with leading suppliers in the non-woven fabric production sector.

This enables us to work with the best raw materials and provide solutions of the highest performance.

non-woven fabric ready for delivery


From design to production and from cutting to packaging, we leave nothing to chance.

On the contrary, we offer a precise and punctual service.

Nowotec always meets delivery deadlines, thanks to a well-stocked warehouse that is perfect for responding to various customer needs in the shortest possible time.

This is what makes Nowotec a trustworthy partner for numerous companies.

dynamism non-woven fabricnon-woven fabric cut

Research, dynamism…passion

We look to the past to remember how much progress we’ve made and we look to the future in order to learn and grow, without ever neglecting our customers’ satisfaction.

We keep a close eye on market evolutions and technological progress and we invest in research, development and constant improvement. We work with passion and are able to offer innovative solutions in terms of performance and reliability.

As a result, if we were to summarise Nowotec’s strengths, we could do so in three words: research, dynamism and passion.

We aim to keep on growing.

We want to move quickly, keep pace with technological developments and move forward with passion, just as we have done up to now.

This has allowed us to remain constantly true to one of our firm priorities: customer satisfaction.

It’s not just about reaching a goal.


On the contrary, we have developed an aptitude and a way of working that allow us to ensure high levels of quality every time, both in terms of the end product and the service offered. Our aim is to continue along this path, creating greater value for our customers.




The Shelter tubes for viticulture, fruit growing, forestry and landscaping.

In addition to the manufacture of non-woven fabric, Nowotec also caters to agricultural operators as the official supplier of the Tubex brand. We are a useful resource for several European countries and a point of reference for the Italian market.
Tubex is a globally-renowned Welsh company with thirty years of experience in agriculture. Its evolution, progress and constant research have enabled it to manufacture quality products for the protection for young trees.
Tubex products are the result of a perfect balance of technology and sustainable development.