Nowotec was founded in the 1960s, and has specialised in the field of non-woven fabrics since the inception of the product. As such, it has followed its evolution: a story in which research and technological development have paved the way for ever newer, more sophisticated applications.

Today, with the help of targeted investments and certified suppliers, the Company boasts broad-ranging, articulated knowledge: a solid foundation from which to continue to consolidate its core business, guaranteeing its customers impeccable quality and satisfaction of their specific requests, while strictly adhering to delivery times.

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Targeted supplies for various sectors of application

The experience acquired, together with its knowledge of the area, has enabled Nowotec to focus on the needs of businesses in the region: the Company mainly supplies the filtration industry (hydraulics, automotive, medical) and the agricultural sector (protective fabrics and plant, vegetable and fruit mulch).

The boundaries, however, are fairly fluid: its end users also include iron and steel and metalworking companies, as well as small artisan businesses.


A matter of fibres: the raw material

Non-woven fabric is an extraordinarily versatile product, formed from a web of fibres obtained from thermoplastic polymers: it uses various raw materials, processed in various ways and combined depending on its intended use.

Thanks to its continuous collaboration with internationally recognised suppliers, Nowotec uses materials that guarantee high performance in terms of efficiency and reliability, to promptly satisfy its customer’s every need.

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Never the wrong size: three slitting lines

Thanks to a combination of expertly designed materials and tools, the modern technologies used to cut non-woven fabrics enable processes to be optimised and satisfactory production volumes to be achieved, without compromising on quality.

The Company has made investing in technology an integral part of its business strategy. Today, it has three separate slitting lines. This allows it to effectively work with various materials based on their type and weight, to obtain rolls of the desired length.

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To each their own: customised packaging

Once the most suitable type of non-woven fabric has been determined, and it has been cut appropriately, the packaging methods then come into play. These will vary based on how delicate the material is, its intended use and, above all, the planned transport and storage methods.

Nowotec offers a customised packaging service based on the specific needs of each end user: this, together with its strict adherence to delivery times, makes the Company a trusted partner for many businesses.

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The shelter tube for viticulture, silviculture and landscaping

Nowotec is an official distributor for various European countries, and is the only Italian distributor of Tubex brand products.

The Welsh company has over thirty years’ experience in the field of protective structures for young plants, and is globally acclaimed for its skilful balance of technology and sustainable development.



Our personnel offer a service that is not simply limited to supplying the product: thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we also provide specific technical and commercial support.


Choosing to do business with the non-woven fabric industry’s leading suppliers is an important strategic decision: it allows us to offer our customers increasingly better performing materials and, therefore, solutions.


Nowotec guarantees a meticulous, and above all punctual, service: our strict adherence to delivery times has allowed the company to become a trusted partner for many businesses.

Research, dynamism…passion

Nowotec looks to the future, keeping a close eye on the evolution of the market: while, on the one hand, the number of practical applications of non-woven fabrics is growing, on the other, production and customisation must provide increasingly innovative solutions in terms of performance and reliability.

The Company has a small number of clear cardinal rules, and they all come back to our guiding principle: customer satisfaction. This is not simply a goal: professionalism and skill, precision and respect, combined with a high-quality end product and service.