Targeted products for various fields of application

What is non-woven fabric? Many people would like to know more about it in order to appreciate it. It is a versatile and functional product that perfectly meets the requirements of a wide range of applications. As the name implies, it is not a normal type of fabric. It consists of a weft of fibres obtained from thermoplastic polymers with important properties, such as resistance to high and low temperatures, water repellence and a non-abrasive texture.

This particular product can be used in everyday life and for daily work, fully meeting the need of the most varied sectors, from construction to clothing and leisure, and from hospitals to personal care. Nowotec’s main customer base, however, is the filtration industry (hydraulic, automotive and medical filters) and agriculture. We produce fabrics for the protection and the mulching of plants, vegetables and fruit.

Our products also answer the needs of the iron, steel and metalworking industries, as well as of artisanal manufacturing. In short, we offer a unique and versatile product that provides a smart solution in numerous situations and for several industries and fields of application.

non-woven fabric cuttissue raw materials

The raw material

How is non-woven fabric made for agriculture, various types of industrial filtration and other uses? The production of this thick, functional fibrous weft requires high-quality selected raw materials. Polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, polylactate, polyurethane, polyamide and other similar or highly diverse elements are used to create a perfect texture every time. However, it is not simply a question of using quality raw materials.

The manufacture of this interesting and versatile product also calls for capable hands, specific skills, cutting-edge machinery and specially designed processes. Thanks to the diverse production stages and expert use of the different raw materials, we can create various types of non-woven fabric (e.g. spunbond, spunlace, needle-punched and carded) and therefore offer users a wide range of functional products.

Basically, when properly combined or used with fibres of other origins, the raw materials we select allow us to manufacture a diversified range of non-woven fabrics according to their intended use. Nowotec’s work is enhanced through important partnerships with certified and internationally renowned suppliers. Our partners always offer us materials that ensure great performance in terms of efficiency and reliability. This is borne out by our high level of customer satisfaction.

Three slitting lines

Our non-woven fabric for agriculture and other fields of application is manufactured with precision. It is then cut and packaged to be ready for use as soon as the customer receives it. Here too, we have followed each new development in modern technology, adopting the most innovative features and customizing them to our own requirements. This has led us to specialize in three different cutting lines.

These allow us to work efficiently on different materials and obtain rolls of various sizes. The cutting of our anti-fouling non-woven fabric and that for the filtration industries is performed using a combination of expertly designed materials and tools. Here too, a careful selection of elements and machinery has allowed us to make a difference, optimising the production processes and achieving good production volumes without neglecting quality.

Without doubt, what has brought us to this point has been our experience, combined with thorough knowledge of the industry and particular attention to our target market. We are farsighted and resourceful. We love technology and have always transformed it into one of our strengths.

non-woven fabric roll

Calibrated packaging

As mentioned, our company manufactures different types of non-woven fabric for agricultural and other purposes. We therefore diversify our production from start to finish, in order to perfectly meet the requirements of various businesses and types of industries. We begin with the manufacture of a specific product and use raw materials and cutting lines compatible with the intended use. We then come to calibrated packaging: this is also a detail that makes a difference.

The packaging methods can vary depending on the fragility of the material, transport and storage conditions and the intended use. We are therefore committed, also here, to ensuring quality and excellence for every customer. Nowotec provides a professional, targeted and calibrated packaging service based on the specific requirements of the end user.

Although it is the final part of our production process, calibrated packaging is an element that has allowed us to become a valid resource for various types of companies. We employ cutting-edge techniques and pay close attention to each step, yet always deliver on time, without ever neglecting quality. After the packaging of the non-woven fabric, our efficient logistic organisation allows us to promptly respond to all the needs of our clientele.