non-woven fabric roll
Tailored solutions

As mentioned above, we produce different types of non-woven fabric in our company, for agriculture and beyond. Therefore, we diversify production from start to finish, so that we can respond perfectly to the needs of various companies and types of industries. We start with the manufacture of a given product and use raw materials and cutting lines that are consistent with the end use. Then we move on to tailored solutions: this is also a detail that can make the difference.

Packaging methods can change depending on the delicacy of the material, the way it is transported and stored, and again depending on its intended use. Therefore, here too we strive to ensure quality and excellence for every customer. Nowotec provides a professional packaging service, targeted and calibrated according to the specific needs of the end user.

Although it is the final stage of our production process, tailored solutions is another element that has enabled us to become a valuable resource for different types of companies. Although we use state-of-the-art techniques and pay attention to the various steps, we always keep to the delivery time, without ever neglecting quality. After the packaging of the non-woven fabric, efficiency in terms of logistical organisation also allows us to respond promptly to all customer needs.

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